Claudio Ranieri was 4 Months Manager of Greece Team

Claudio Ranieri lasted 4 months in charge of the Greece national football team before being sacked which probably is one of the fastest periods of time in which a manager has been sacked in modern times. However, there is somebody else who has been sacked very quickly as Javier Aguirre was removed from his managerial position in Japan after claims and allegations involving the Mexican manager were announced and confirmed.

Javier Aguirre took charge of the Japanese national side during the summer of 2014 but was sacked after it was discovered that Aguirre was involved in a series of match-fixing scandals.

“The reason for the cancellation is that we want to avoid any influence to the national team on their preparation for World Cup and we want to avoid those risks,” JFA chief KuniyaDaini said as he revealed that the contract of Javier Aguirre and his relation with the Japanese national team was cancelled.

The Japanese Football Association did not want to have any connections with Javier Aguirre who was being involved with match-fixing allegations back when he was in charge of Zaragoza a few years ago and this was the main reason on why the Mexican coach was sacked.

The Japanese national side is on the search for a new manager and there already are a few coaches who have expressed their desire in taking control of the Asian outfit including the former Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid player Michael Laudrup.

Marcelo Bielsa is another name that has been popping around as the possible coach of the Japanese team as Bielsa has already coached a number of national sides including Chile and Argentina.

Despite all of these rumors, there is someone else who is edging closer and closer to the managerial job in the Japanese team and it’sVahidHalidhozic.

A few websites have already even confirmed that Vahid has already been appointed as the successor of Javier Aguirre but still no official details or information involving this switch has been announced but it’s expected to be confirmed on March 12 as the Japan Football Association (JFA) will establish a meeting on that date where details concerning the team is going to be unveiled.