1. team7396


  2. makoto s

    2012 London 男子4位 女子2位  アジアサッカーが進化してる事を世界に証明した!素晴らしい!アジア王者日本代表!!

  3. ayame23i

    So sad that a lot of youtubers are a bunch of moronic racist fucks… I just hope that you and your kind die off… You’re all just a fcking waste of space and resources… Disgusting people…

  4. Liang Zhuge

    korea football result
    Fifa World Cup forth
    bundesliga foreigner top score player
    UEFA Champions league winner
    by the way don’t say japanese language to me
    that is disgusting

  5. Liang Zhuge

    Japan national football team: record v s.korea – 13W 22D 40L
    AFC Big 3 football country is AUS,IRN,KOR not japan

  6. ruina lii

    Otsu !! Nadeshiko !! yaayy
    korean women’s team ?? 聞いたことがありません(´・ω・`)

  7. alclsshaemfgoqhk

    japs lost the semi-final match 2-0 to korean team.
    I just wonder how japs could reach to semi-final. that’s big sensation for inferior japs.

  8. alclsshaemfgoqhk

    kagawa is a funny bench warmer and honda hopes to play in English premier league but failed.
    nobody believes fifa rank, cuz japan lost 70% of matches btw 2 countries.

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