Jose Mourinho is backing his former striker Didier Drogba

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is backing his former striker, Didier Drogba, to be a major success in the MLS.

The striker is on the verge of joining an MLS club with both Chicago Fire and Montréal Impact interested in his services. Both clubs will be getting an ageing striker on an extraordinary wage packet, but Mourinho believes that Drogba is fully worth this respect. The 37-year-old striker may be on his last legs in terms of playing football, but the contribution that he makes to the squad is invaluable according to Mourinho. In fact, the Portuguese manager has gone as far as saying that he would make Drogba as his first signing at each of his clubs.

The Ivory Coast international was a major factor in Chelsea keeping the trophy hunting going even during the dark at times at the club. The club has gone through more than 10 manages the last decade, but the players have been the constant aspect. Drogba was a major factor in keeping the team united in the hunt for trophies. Without the influential figure of the former Marseille striker, the blues may not have achieved the success. Drogba decided to leave Chelsea after just one season due to the lack of regular football.

“If I owned a club I would immediately think about a player like him — a man like him — to be the centre of the club’s universe. He is very strong in the dressing room. He is very strong in his image. He is a great example of a club man and the fact that he didn’t accept an offer to stay with us. At the end of last season we let him choose what he wanted to do with us. For him not to accept that, and decide to delay coaching for two years’ time, because obviously he will be back with us in two years’ time,” said Mourinho.