1. يوسف جدة

    A great player, but I do not know if he Able to add something to Milan or

  2. FiredEmpire

    “the sunlight begins to fade now”,”The sunlight is turned to grey”
    “I know now we’re getting older”,”We’re running out of time”,”I don’t know
    how I’m here”
    Well, I guess the lyrics perfectly describe the current situation this
    27-year-old talented player from the land of the rising sun who just moved
    to Italy is in, don’t they?

    …I mean what a stupid song choice made by the video creator. just too

  3. Xind Liu

    i want to c more confident play from honda at milan, he seems to having
    trouble doing what he usually good at facing italian defence style where
    defender dont outreach easily

  4. jason nguyen

    Hes not like Messi that can explode and a killer on goal. He’s not
    Ronaldinho with outrageous free kicks. He’s not the fastest. But Honda is
    Honda. He’s kinda guy every team needs. He has good ball control, speed,
    and a smart player. He reads and passes very well. He is truly a mid field
    leader in term of capable of making plays. His free kicks are also
    dangerous most of the times. He has lots of qualities in a good

  5. Hendrawan iwank

    I think he would be better if he played as play maker but its a hard option
    since kaka was there …. so it will be better for seedorf to change role
    between the two players … ;D

  6. Abdallah saad

    Milan is yet developing a new team new generation with kaka. Don’t worry
    Milan = )

  7. saad mrad

    He is built like a bull with great vision good dribbling skills and monster
    left foot with monti an de jong to feed him kaka and balo skills milan
    attacking force will really be good welcome to milan

  8. K. Bielicki

    Watching some of their combination play, I would be very scared having to
    defend against Honda and Musa together. 

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