1. izri1

    Come on Chinese and Japanese. I am not Japanese or Chinese, but China and
    Japan instead of hating eachother should better hate and fight the tyrant
    cockroaches from the west. The zionist tyrants who are opressing the world
    like never before. It’s those who we should fight and hate. Not all of them
    ofcourse, because in the west there are still people who denounce their

  2. DetectiveConan150

    @GuanYu89 Well. They are still humans. People from your country can also
    die in any second if the Tsunami strucks.

  3. JDM HK and AZN Dance hip hop fans!

    chi sin! 我唔係大陸人 中國, 你不係係大陸人 你住在係澳門, 都係係大陸! 老母! 你sau係五毛!.. 黑..

  4. JDM HK and AZN Dance hip hop fans!

    Stop lying youself! because your china ppl make hong kong include and look
    disgrace! Because you helping hong kong!! please leave hk.

  5. ryan yang

    blame the chinese or not.. they still can’t forget the horrible invasion
    and killings and raping from Japan and have hatred on the jap. its
    unforgettable and unforgivable act from the jap gov. If China did the same
    to Japan.. the japanese would also surely have hatred on the chinese.

  6. JDM HK and AZN Dance hip hop fans!

    but there chinese they’re are not scare of you.. 屌佢老母! 叫你去打中國ww!……

  7. indonesiana45

    this revenge for WW2.why you blame china national team?because this is jap
    tv they highlighted and replay on the same scene so use your
    bran to think… go to hell jap

  8. DetectiveConan150

    @JapanHokkaidoBoy Japanese have melted into walls. They haven’t been
    cooked. You fucking idiot.

  9. Red Set

    @lcddg that is a very impressive response. I’m pretty sure Australia, New
    Zealand, South Africa and Canada are all made in England. At least England
    is well-mannered unlike u chinese ppl.

  10. MultiKB10

    I am Chinese, I grew up in UK. But this is Terrible. in my mind (China’s
    doesn’t really know how to play football, Japan’s know how to play
    football). and the referee is Shite too. No offenses 🙂 I’m proud to be
    Chinese. Just don’t like it when they played football 😀

  11. Trần Quốc Thắng

    So dirty, not fair play, seem all people in china like this. I hate china.
    China is dogs, hope china will go hell, Japan, come on, beat China by your
    weapon. The china only a dog, kill them, i will support you 🙂

  12. punaniswabber

    @GuanYu89 i think u guys shud both calm down, fuck japan and china, they
    are both communist basterds

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