1. penyuwan

    Goodluck Shinji all the best at BVB, I truly miss you but I’ll never stop
    supporting you. Hope you to tear the Bundesliga again.

  2. GeneGeneThe WashingMachine

    Don’t get me wrong; I love Juan Mata, he’s a class player, but we didn’t
    need him. The way he plays (no.10), we already had Kagawa and Rooney, but
    Moyes (clueless cunt) hardly played him.

    Is it true Kagawa was brought in to replace Rooney long term?

  3. slipkid1267

    Im my opinion Kagawa is a better no. 10 than Mata. He tracks back he keeps
    possession and he actually defends when he neds too. He should be starting
    every game for United. 

  4. ace9846

    Great comp, Man I really hope Kagawa doesn’t leave he’ll be a awesome
    purchase in any other top team in Europe we cant afford to be losing
    players of his calibre, He was never given a proper run in his normal
    position under any manager so I think its too soon to judge him. It’s going
    to be tricky for Van Gaal to accommodate Rooney, Mata and Kagawa one of
    them is going to have to go and I hope its not either Mata of Kagawa.

  5. Prem Prem

    His skill is brilliant. Good passes and you see that one touch play make
    chance for team. it awesome skills.

  6. Rev Ledger

    Rooney and Hernandez ruined about 80 percent of those chances with their
    dodgy touches or missing clear goal scoring opportunities

  7. Yユウヤ

    he missed about 10 assists.
    but, he wants goal this season.
    a big support from Japan. 

  8. Yi Long Ong

    you’d realize that actually kagawa does his part well, it’s just that the
    man utd players’ passing and finishing let them down.

  9. LYJManchesterUnited

    Tragic , not United’s way to let go a talent like him. LVG what’s up with

  10. Will Guerillaradio

    if he has a good World Cup (I reckon he will) and grabs a few early goals
    next season his confidence will be back, that’s what he has lacked. He
    could have had a fair amount of assists last season as well, just a shame
    our players couldnt finish the passes/crosses that he provided them!

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