1. Larry Oellers

    United doesnt changed and Moyes doesnt changed United he doesnt got the Balls to change anything if you are a Coach first Thing is you have to change things but he hasnt Chicharito bench Kagawa bench Zaha doesnt even get a chance he needs to sell Wazza bcuz his Ego destroyed everything

  2. Seth Mutenda

    So sad that Kagawa wants to leave United because of the frustration he has had ever since Moyes took over. I don’t think he understands that Kagawa is tons better than Janunzaj and Cleverley. Kagawa is like at least in the top 5 of United’s active best players right now. Behind RVP, Rooney, Chicharito and Nani.

  3. JSMHEProduction

    You mean cutting inside? Not really. Valencia, Nani, Young are more traditionally stay wide and make cross. But Kagawa and Welbeck always cutting inside when they play in the wing. Which mean what Kagawa plays in left right with United now is still same thing like what he does in Japan.

  4. wafflefacepenis

    Bringing in RVP ruined Kagawa because theres no way he will get to play ahead of him and rooney (even tho those 2 don’t even link well) which shouldn’t be the case at all, if kagawa got a couple of games in the center behind either rooney or rvp you would see specs of him what you did at dortmund, but not his full potential because man united simply doesn’t have the quality to link up like dortmund did, so many times i’ve seen kagawa make genius runs, passes, only to be ruined by greedy players

  5. Aadibass

    In Japan he’s allowed to drift in to the center a lot more and he has someone overlapping him and creating room.

    In United the wing-positions are played more traditionally. Of course he can adapt to be a good player on the left, but what’s the point when he’s already so outstanding as a CAM?

    It’s like when England didn’t use Scholes in the CM/CAM position. Kagawa is a stunning player and when he’s allowed to be in the CAM-area our whole offense is playing in another pulse.

  6. Nicholas Neoh

    When you play football manager you will know the pain in the ass. Its really hard if you want to put kagawa in but at the same time, you wanna play winger. If you want play kagawa, you have to sacrifice one defender to three defender. Remember, United always want to play wings, and yet can defend opponent wing as well. Moyes would surely play Rooney for sure and yet dont want to give up Van Persie. Kagawa would force to be left. Unless he can become Cristiano Ronaldo and learn, but takes times.

  7. Yazid Elias

    moyes is clueless, everyone in the whole football world knows that kagawa best position is central playmaker and yet moyes sees him as left mid player, if moyes keep kagawa on the left that i felt sorry for kagawa, manchester united doesn’t ruin your talent, is david moyes who has ruin your talent.

  8. 91Metalhead

    Since Moyes is wasting him right now, i can’t wait to see him play at the World Cup. Hopefully Moyes stops being a fucking dumbass and plays this guy.

  9. duke asrul

    don’t worry,he aint going anywhere,united will bukkake him until he is broken,so when the new owner can’t get the best out off him,just look at veron,wes brown,park,gibson and eagle..

  10. wpscz

    Man Utd. fans rate Shinji highly .. I liked how SAF had faith in him and played him in his position during his first year ..Moyes has been playing him more on the left.. Man Utd. are going through some transitions so we don’t know what could happen

  11. unpopularopiniondude

    Yes, he plays on the left with Japan but he hardly shines for the Japanese national team to be honest. The only place he shines is with Dortmund in the central playmaker position.

  12. Awayze

    STFU u dumbass, Cleverley is a CM and Young hasn’t started since the City game. Rooney is in Kagawa’s position.

  13. ninoalvardo9

    boruissa dortmund are way stronger than manchester united & they have a far better manager than shitty moyes. kagawa probably regrets leaving dortmund now. they’re ruining his career & his stupid manager picks overrated english men over him! LOL who would start the diver (young) & cleverly over kagawa?

  14. XxXLtqiXxX

    Actually Japan plays him as a LW so its not unusual for him. Frankly with the news that Rooney only thought about leaving because he wasn’t played as a ST anymore is just annoying.. We need someone to connect our midfield, if Rooney doesn’t want to do that anymore then hand over the 10 shirt to Kagawa, play Rooney out wide with Nani – interchanging Januzaj/Valencia/Welbeck

  15. Adam Timz

    hope Moyes plays him more often, he’s got a world class talent at his disposal and can add to the much needed creativity in the team

  16. Awayze

    Rooney plays behind RvP, its either Rooney or Kagawa and with United’s current MF and wingers, they won’t pass quickly to Kagawa.

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