1. Carlos Fernández Miranda

    Every player who departs from BVB hurts, but to be honest the departure of
    Kagawa was the best thing that happened to BVB cause Marco Reus came to
    replace him. No he’s coming back and Jonas Hoffmann is leaving; in my
    opinion BVB is comitting a mistake.

  2. Manuel Richardz

    Kagawa destroyed Bayern Munich so many times. One of the best talents in
    Europe! Glad that he comes back home!

  3. MrSome1ne

    I can’t believe Kagawa is going back to Dortmund for the same price as
    Cleverly to either Villa or Valencia (£8 million). Good luck, he should be
    fine back at BVB.

  4. KashClothing

    As a manchester united fan, i hate to say this but he has to go els where
    he is one of the best cam in the world, he is pure class. He deserves first
    team football every week, hopefully he moves to another big club and shines
    again, he deserves it.

  5. Steffen Malkomes

    comeback Shinji pls! You’re always welcome!!

    scheiß auf die Inselaffen die machen dich nicht glücklich! fass dir ein

  6. Igor19485

    Hope he leaves Manchester.. it is just shame for talent like this to be
    wasted. He should do it while he is still young.

  7. maestropasser

    It makes me so angry that a German player of the year cant get into the
    starting line up of a piss poor manchester united team. 

  8. YoshiSnipz

    Shinji Kagawa one of the best but had to be ruined by Machester United what
    a shame but he is a great footballer. Asia’s best.

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