1. John Domondon

    Even thougb Moyes is sacked i have a feeling that if Reus will be a United
    this summer then Kagawa will be back to Dortmund.

    Keyword IF.

  2. Yoga Kafi

    Along with Mata, Kagawa for sure is deadly weapon for ManUtd. Moyes have to
    let him play oftenly in the middle of pitch.

  3. Jeremy Beck

    Moyes really should be sacked before he has a chance to sell this gem of a
    player. We can build the team around Kagawa and Mata next season.

  4. HSN Vercetti

    Our best player on the night. He is proving what many of us thought
    already, that he indeed a fantastic talent.

  5. UmbraKamui

    this is what i expect to see all next year, the balance, pace, and work
    rate i mean how much better can he get :D

  6. beingHA

    one thing is for sure, hes getting better and better and deserves more..

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