Japanese football witnessed yet another record, as Kazuyoshi Miura became the first player over 50 years to get a score in the country’s football league.

The player scored for Yokohama FC in the game against Thespa Kasatsu. Miura’s goal made all the difference, earning the team maximum points in the Division 2 clash.

The former Japan international said he had “the vibes of a goal” and that he was just trying to stay positive before he netted. The player broke his previous record as the oldest goalscorer in J-league history as he held the record at 49 years, three months and 24 days. He has now set the new record at 50 years and 14 days.

He renewed his deal with the club in January, amidst strong speculations that he could retire. He has an amazing record, netting 55 times in 89 games for Japan.

Miura started his professional football career in South America, playing for popular Brazilian club Santos. He played there in the late 1980s before moving to Italy to feature for Genoa and Dinamo Zagreb in the 1990s.

Miura agreed to a deal with his current club in 2005 at the mature football age of 38. He is playing in his 31st season for the club.

It is unfortunate that world football body Fifa cannot confirm if he is the oldest player in pro football. The one that is recognized in international football is Billy Meredith. Welsh player Meredith scored against England at the age of 45 ad 73 days in 1919. Five years later, he netted in the game against Brighton in the FA Cup while playing for Manchester City.

Miura’s exploits is also underreported being that it is in the second division – there is a belief that the league is not as competitive. In the top flight, Zico holds the record. The former Japan coach scored for Kashima Antiers in 1994 at the age of 41.