1. Pistola84

    He’s already accepted a contract offer for a free transfer to AC in January. ^^^ Clueless !!!

  2. amir azmar

    Lol… he havent decide on whether to even go to ac milan.. just hope he choose a team that trully would relish on his skill.. dont think ac milan would propel him to become a superstar that he deserve..

  3. NeoRevolutionX

    Playing this game injured, he still made a huge difference and let CSKA control the midfield against Madrid once he came on.
    AC Milan are making a great buy soon!

  4. Doliradiva

    tthis match has the two sexiest footballers! two sexiest football players in the world! OMGGG KYAAAAA

  5. Doliradiva

    this match has the two sexiest footballers! two sexiest football players in the world! OMGGG KYAAAAA

  6. ChrisProduction|HD

    I agree. Although, Boa did say he doesn’t enjoy the rotation of positions but if the coach decides to play him in one position only. He’d be fine with it.

    I understand what you’re saying and to be honest, me too have felt Boa is too comfortable in the trequartista position for him to readapt in a box to box position.

    However, I still would like to believe he can play there. I honestly believe he could turn into a ‘Vidal for Juventus’ kind of player. It’s just up to Allegri.

    Agree on Eriksen.

  7. sh0ckv3l

    Yeah i got it, but i wouldn’t set too high expectations on this guy. Pressure is not a good thing for a young player that just joined such an important club like Milan.

    About KPB, he’s potentially a monster of midfielder, but he doesn’t want to play there, he wants to play trequartista and imho he’s terrible in that role. Hope to see him gone and i hope that our interest on Eriksen is real, we need talented guys and we need them badly.

  8. ChrisProduction|HD

    What you’ve written is a bit fuzzy.

    In any case, I’ve followed both Saponara and Jorginho a lot in Serie B. At least I have something to emanate from and make an argument with some valid substance.

    You on the other hand, says he’ll fail because he comes from Serie B and won’t cope with the requirements of having good stamina and strong personality.

    I’m not saying he’ll become our new Kakà, but you gotta give the lad a chance to prove himself as he’s proven himself in Serie B.

  9. Htoo Aung Kyaw

    u too havent see him in action. u cant judge him negative..Explosiveness is when u play as wing, even ozil dont have that..As trequeista, he possess ridculous skill of pass n real that madrid game, after he come in, he box n dictate the midfield play resulting in madrid losing d game. He change the flow dude.

  10. ChrisProduction|HD

    El Shaarawy scored no where near the same about of goals nor assists like Saponara did in Serie B.

    Everyone who has watched Serie B for the last two seasons or so, knows it has become extremely strong in comparison to the previous seasons.

    It’s improved a lot and a lot of former Serie B players are playing well in Serie A now. El Shaarawy, Verratti, Ogbonna (been injured a lot though) etc.

    About what you said at end, you haven’t even seen him in real action at Milan… I just don’t buy it.

  11. sh0ckv3l

    I’m intrigued with Honda as a midfielder, but i put my moneys on him playing trequartista so we can finally get rid of Boateng.

    Saponara just did good in a second division, but playing behind the strikers in Serie A or europe its another story. You need a strong personality and a very good stamina, i don’t see him viable for playing there.

  12. WawaZayn

    Honda doesn’t have a great dibbling skills or technique but this guy was so dangerous with his shot and his passing skills.
    His free kick also dangerous ~~

  13. ChrisProduction|HD

    … therefore he seems way too comfortable in terms of making a return to his old box to box position/role.

    I also agree with what you said about Honda. He’s a bit too static and lacks either that splendid technique or super explosiveness (like Kakà) to be our main trequartista.

    Although as a squadplayer and as a CM, he’d surely turn into a good asset.

    Agree with you completely.

  14. ChrisProduction|HD

    Well said. You sort of stole my thoughts that’s been active for over two years.

    Even when he scored some goals against Arsenal and Barca, as well as scoring in the league, I always knew he was meant for the trequartista role.

    When Ibra and Silva left, I just knew he’d be exposed for how poor he is, in that position.

    As a box to box, I actually really like Boa. He’s super dynamical, can play it tidy and offers up and down work-rate. It’s just sad Allegri hasn’t realized it and therefore…

  15. Tengjiao Wang

    To be frank, I don’t consider Boateng as a truly attack midfielder to organize milan’s attck. Boateng does not stand in the same level with Rui Costa, Rivaldo, Seedorf. Honda is better than Boateng in techniques and passing, but it seems he always walks in the pitch without ball-possession and I don’t think Honda is a genius.
    However, considering the financial status, Milan has to make such a kind of transfer.Hope Saponara could grow up rapidly

  16. ChrisProduction|HD

    Flamini and Ambro has left. Muntari sucks, and Traore… I’ll leave it there.

    Poli is not even THAT good, but he’s decent. We got KPB, Monto, NdJ and Poli as CMs (I truly hope KPB will play as a box to box midfielder).

    That’s not a lot considering we’ll go back to our classic diamond midfield, meaning there will be a lot of rotation.

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