The Epitome of Pure Class-Japanese Football Team

On 1st February 2019 celebration vibe was pumped up when Qatar beat the team from Japan in the finals of the Asia Cup with a scoreline of 3 – 1. The first thanks for this massive success of Qatar would go to Abdul-Aziz Hatem, Almoez Ali and Afif Akram.

When everyone was busy celebrating the victory of Qatar and giving a heartfelt congratulation, Japan in background proved that their pure class attitude doesn’t depend on their victory or failure. After the game without stepping their shoes into negative vibes, they moved out by leaving the dressing fully cleaned up. They also left a respectful and sweet thank you note in Japanese, Arabic, and English.

The social media platform fired up quickly after the news of this classic attitude of the Japanese Football team spread around. Many comments poured out where people commented that they are an “Example to us all”, “Pure class”, “Most disciplined nation in the world “and many more.

But it’s again a well-known fact that this is not the first time Japan has shown up their positive side irrespective of the final outcome. Previously, in July Japanese dramatically lost in the last 16 stages of the world cup to Belgium. The sad 3-2 loss did not stop the Japanese team from standing up strong no matter what by leaving the dressing room as clean as it were when they first walked in and then obviously a heartfelt thank you note in Russian.

Well, this super pure classy attitude is not just highly held up among these great players alone. In fact, it seems to run in the blood of Japanese people. It was reported that even the Japanese supporters stayed back following the game with the motive to clean the stadium.

This surely proves that the Japanese actually lives their life around the saying “Cleanliness is next to godliness” and “Gratitude is the greatest gift”.