The Japanese Football Coach Observes American Football

American football gets a Japanese coach who will be part of the off-season program of the Indianapolis Colts.

This team has been undergoing change in its coaching staff. The changes are taking place in the off-season. The new coaches are working at the OTAs to help the team improve as the new season comes up. Mutsumi Takahashi is a Japanese coach who has come in to learn more from American football and help out the team as well.

Takahasi initially played as a linebacker. He is one of the few players who are born in Japan and had participated in Arena Football League. He played here for five years. He also participated in highest levels back in Japan. He now takes the role of coach for Kobe University Ravens, who are based in Japan.

This Japanese coach has had an illustrated career in football. He attended Pro Bowl in 2014. At that time he met up with the Colts head coach. Chuck Pagano was heading the Colts at that time. The game in that year had seen all stars for the team. Takahashi then moved to Indianapolis. He started to attend the off-season workouts of the team as a guest coach. He is also learning about American football at the same time. Mutsumi is not totally alien to American football as he had played arena football in the country for about two to three years. With his skills and experiences as a linebacker, kicker and other roles, he can be an overall coach quite effective. What he offers to this team could be valuable and he could be taking back some valuable knowledge with him to Japan. It definitely is a good exchange of knowledge and experience that would work in both countries and their respective games.